The History

“The winning investment
is based on the hypothesis of the future.”

Giatti G., President of Termal Group (September 2016) – FIVE: when industry combines with the environment. The City, 70, 16-19.

Termal has been a leading company for over forty years in the field of residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning, and in systems for the production of domestic hot water, in Italy and in Europe.

Exclusive Distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and York Products in Italy, Termal Group has been able to establish itself on the market with its own brands Hokkaido, Termal and Multiwarm: result of a constant commitment in technological research, able to combine high performance and energy efficiency with design elements and stylistic research.

In Europe, the international network of Dealers and Distributors has grown increasingly rapidly, thanks to the variety and reliability of the services offered: direct logistics, the Academy for continuous training, a capillary network of service centers, an internal technical office for product development.

For over a decade, Termal has started a process of industrial diversification that has led to the development of three new sectors, in synergy with the know-how already held:

This happened thanks to the role recognized in Termal as a reality of excellence in the territorial and national context.