Electric mobility

alternatives for urban and suburban travel

Our Brands, our Companies:


With the production and distribution of e-bikes, Termal Group has chosen to create an environmentally sustainable alternative for mobility.
FIVE is today a landmark for light electric mobility, thanks to the excellence of its brands of electric bikes designed and manufactured according to high design standards.
FIVE produces electric bicycles made in Italy under the WAYEL and ITALWIN brands. WAYEL was born in 2007 and offers a varied high quality range, ITALWIN is a historic e-bike brand that is part of FIVE since 2016. In 2023, FIVE Group and Armony started a joint venture for the production of e-bikes in the factory in Bologna, with the Garelli brand active as a premium line.
The scooter catalog presents the Wayel brand and the Muvi electric scooter of the spanish producer Torrot. Tromox products complete the range with UKKO and MC10 motorcycles.
In 2020 FIVE started the collaboration with the Californian Eli Electric Vehicles for the distribution in Italy of the Eli minicar.


Eli Electric Vehicles invents a new way of moving around the city, creating advanced, efficient and affordable minicars for short trips.
Designed in California in Los Angeles, Eli ZERO Plus was presented at the Las Vegas Innovation Show in 2017.
It received the iF World Design Award 2021 for its ability to reinvent the mobility of the future, award given by an international team of designers and engineers.