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integration between construction and energy saving

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FERRARI company was founded in 1947 and immediately established itself in the field of road construction and conventional construction.

Since then until today, four generations have followed, whose activities range from residential to commercial and industrial building, from seismic upgrades to road infrastructures.
In 2016, it became part of TERMAL GROUP in the logic of creating, on the national building scene, the first supply chain capable of integrating buildings and energy in a complete manner: from design to energy management of buildings.

The vocation for energy saving, the continuous care for efficiency implementing rules, and the partnership with TERMAL GROUP have made FERRARI a company with a high environmental sensitivity: this is reflected in the choice of application technologies and how to use them.
Working in the construction world also integrating plant engineering with a green approach, is essential where you want to build in nZEB logic, through the use of latest generation materials and a BIM design and modeling system: this allows to provide the Customers with high-energy class buildings, respecting the environment and according to the consumption actually perceived.
FERRARI is today an operating construction company that boasts an attentive management team, able to build residential, industrial and executive buildings, according to the strictest energy standards. It has set itself the goal of national leadership in the nZEB constructions, thanks to the partnership of TERMAL GROUP and by integrating advanced BIM modeling concepts together with constant technological research.