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  • Nature Man Technology

    The relationship between nature, man and technology is a never ending story. Man is born curious towards nature surrounding him, and this curiosity drove him out of the cave, to dominate the fire and water and to cut with flints. He has printed, illuminated and phoned, finding to have also a technological soul. He has moved to increasingly exponential speed, crossing the sky, sea, space, optic fibers. Today he is still always fascinated in front of a thousand secrets of nature, listening to its speech, but his desire to face new challenges and push new frontiers has not yet got exhausted. We believe that respect and synergy with nature are decisive. We believe that changes and innovations are the results of a technological development in harmony with nature. This is the guideline we want to follow in our business history.

    • Air

    tg-home-clima-01 For more than 20 years, we represent an important point of reference in Europe for quality air-conditioning.
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    • Air/water-to-water

    tg-home-acqua-01 We are promoters of technologies for air-conditioning and/or producing domestic hot water by the heat pump.
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    • Electric mobility

    tg-home-mobilita-01 A technological and innovative project to meet the needs of a sustainable and smart urban mobility.
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Termal Group is the official distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners; always in the world of air conditioners, it is the owner of the trademarks Termal, Q-ton and VRF-T KXZ. Termal Group is also active in the commercialization of systems for the production of domestic hot water, as well as in electric mobility, with FIVE company.

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    1. 95% of orders processed within 24 hours
    2. 1.500 orders processed/day
    3. 0.15% of orders returned for damage to the package

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    Spare Parts

    1. 98% of orders processed within 24 hours
    2. 11.000 codes managed
    3. 50.000 spare parts in the warehouse

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    1. 8 training courses/year
    2. 400 hours of training/year
    3. 1.000 people attending the classes/year

The brands

  • The companies

  • Termal.net

    Termal.net is dedicated exclusively to thermohydraulic and electric wholesalers; with a network of regional agents, it merchandizes products for residential and light-commercial air conditioning.

  • GTS

    Green Termal Systems, with a network of agencies of national coverage, is addressed to Termotechnics Design Agencies and Specialized Installers working in residential and commercial air conditioning.

  • Climamio

    Franchising network Climamio is made of over 190 points of sale including Store, Green Shop, Shop and Qualified Installers, distributed throughout the national territory. A team of experts that supports end users and designers.

  • Hokkaido

    Hokkaido, established in early 2008, is a company dedicated exclusively to the distribution of products with Hokkaido brand on the Italian and European markets with a network of agencies, distributed throughout the national territory.

  • Foreign Division

    Termal Foreign Division deals with the international development of the Group. Its business is to export its air-conditioning products in 18 different European and non-European countries.

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    Termal Professional

    Termal Professional is addressed to companies specialized in residential and commercial air-conditioning, providing products, counselling, technical support and professional training to its customers.

  • Termal Servizi

    Termal Servizi is the service company of the Group. It is engaged in marketing, communication, training, pre-sales and after-sales assistance. A team at the service of the other companies, to ensure quality and speed of execution.

  • Geetit

    Geetit is a company of Termal Group, which operating in ESCo mode, supports its customers in the identification of savings and improvement targets in energy management. Geetit is a company of Termal Group, which operating in ESCo mode, supports its customers in the identification of savings and improvement targets in energy management.

  • Termal Green Building

    Termal Green Building is the real estate company of Termal Group, founded in 2015 for the construction and renovation in NZEB interpretation of a part of the Group’s property assets. It is a company of products and services dedicated to buildings and their contents.

  • Ferrari

    It is a construction firm that offers a careful and precise management team. The company has about 30 direct resources including: specialized workers and technicians. The staff is trained according to the highest expected standards, and workers attend periodic professional training.

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