The offices

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  • Headquarters in Bologna (4000 sq.m. of offices and 4500 sq.m. area for products warehousing) is the operational centre for commercial, logistics and administrative activities. Also assistance activities and technical and sales training converge in this centre, managed directly to ensure the highest standards of quality.

    All the companies of the Group are located in Bologna, excluding Green Termal Systems – that since its establishment, operates with its own offices in Milan. The building, located in a strategic position for the airport and the motorway junction, is built according to modern architectural concepts, both as regards the logistics and for the corporate wellness of employees.

    Offices with large windows allowing people to be connected with the outside, wide spaces for after hours such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, soccer, as well as guesthouse and business restaurant, make the seat on a human scale, qualifying Termal as one of the “best places to work” in Italy, since the Company has always been able to anticipate the future.