The Group’s companies

  • A capillary presence on the market

  • The strategy adopted by Termal Group has always been to differentiate and supervise the individual distribution channels in key markets in Italy and abroad.

    Today, five companies of the Group based in Italy operate in air / water segments (, Green Termal Systems, Climamio, Hokkaido, Termal Professional); one company is active on the international markets (Termal International) and one company operates on electric mobility (FIVE). Abroad, in addition to companies based in France and Albania, the markets are served through a dense network of distributors and dealers.

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  • For thermohydraulic and electric wholesalers, Termal Group created the dedicated company

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    It is a company that sells products with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand as well as products with Termal brand, specific for the residential and light-commercial air conditioning.
    An extensive network of regional agencies, present everywhere in the country, manages trade relations of the channel.
    Customers have the opportunity to receive technical training on all new products and technical regulatory updates of the sector. The seminars are taught by specialized teachers and take place at the Group’s Academy.
    Each training course is agreed, in detail, with each customer by contract, and is aimed at sales staff and installers of the wholesaler partner. In this case, the seminars are held at the head office of the wholesaler.
    For operators specialized in products assistance, a program of technical courses is available dedicated to cooling and electrical troubleshooting. The classes, planned twice a year and organized in collaboration with Termal Servizi, are held in Bologna office.

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  • Green Termal Systems was founded in 2006 and today controls a network of agencies with national coverage which is addressed to Termotechnics Design Agencies and Specialized Installers working in residential and commercial air conditioning.

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    Green Termal Systems boasts a highly specialized technical department, can assist the designer and installer in all phases of design and plant-engineering, both in pre-sales and after-sales. The main mission of the company is to specialize in the sale of VRF (variable refrigerant flow) air-conditioning systems of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries KX Series, which offer maximum flexibility in terms of installation and are ideal for medium and large rooms, guaranteeing reductions in consumptions and ensuring comfort and reliability.

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  • The franchising network Climamio is made of over 190 points of sale including Store, Green Shop, Shop and Qualified Installers, distributed throughout the national territory.

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    A team of professionals specialized in air conditioning, experienced and reliable, is available to end users and designers to assist them in all the stages necessary for the selection of MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, HOKKAIDO and TERMAL brand products – better suited to meet the different air conditioning needs. Technical expertise and an approach based on customer-focused assistance allow to lay the foundations for a professional relationship, direct and trusted. In fact, Climamio outlets follow the entire life cycle of the product after installation, by offering services of planned maintenance and qualified assistance that are able to solve whatever problem. Recently, Climamio franchising business has extended also to systems for the production of domestic hot water (heat pump) and electric mobility, with Wayel brand pedal assisted electric bicycles and solar energy city runners. This allows Climamio network to get increasingly oriented as a partner in line with the new energy requirements of market.

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  • Hokkaido, established in early 2008, is a company dedicated exclusively to the distribution of products with Hokkaido brand on the Italian and European markets and professional training.

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    A network of agencies, distributed throughout the national territory, which is aimed both at wholesalers and installers of the traditional plumbing channel.
    A company growing leader in its market, offering a wide range of products for residential, commercial and industrial air conditioning, characterized by high technology, high energy performance and highly competitive prices.

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  • Termal Professional is aimed at installers and companies specialized in heating and plumbing and air conditioning. It distributes products dedicated to residential and commercial applications, and offers its customers a service of technical extra-assistance and professional training.

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    The company is specialized in the distribution of systems for residential and commercial air conditioning with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Termal brands.


  • Termal Servizi is the service company of the Group. It is engaged in all activites of marketing, communication, training, pre-sales and after-sales assistance. A team at the service of the other companies, to ensure quality and speed of execution.

    Termal Servizi manages the Academy, where specialized training classes take place every year, to promote the culture of air conditioning, air-to-water systems and new technologies for the production of hot water by heat pump. Termal Servizi is a demonstration of foresight by a Group that finds in the constant attention to the needs of operators, one of the reasons of its success.

  • Geetit is a company of Termal Group, which operating in ESCo mode, supports its customers in the identification of savings and improvement targets in energy management.

    Geetit proposes interventions to companies for energy efficiency, and solutions that reduce the energy management costs. Operating in ESCOs mode means to directly finance the interventions identified during the analysis phase, taking upon the company itself the whole burden of the initiative, and freeing the end-users from all organizational spending and investment.
    GETTIT shares with customers the benefits generated by the efficiency produced, and allows the certification of the savings (white certificates).
    The company makes use of the constant technological innovation guaranteed by the brands handled by Termal Group.

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  • Termal Green Buildings is the real estate company of Termal Group, founded in 2015 for the construction and renovation in NZEB interpretation of a part of the Group’s property assets.

    It is a company of products and services dedicated to buildings and their contents. Besides creating its own business, TGBs acts as a General Contractor capable of coordinating the whole process of a building construction: from feasibility study to realization. TGBs can handle administrative and authorization phases, take care of the executive planning – both architectural and engineering – and manage the entire process of the nZEB redevelopment project by property companies.
    The perfect synergy among the companies of Termal Group makes sure that TGBs directly realizes all architectural, structural and plant-engineering projects, to assure customers a “turnkey” work – thus guaranteeing the results expected at the design stage, as well as definite and monitored costs.


  • Ferrari  srl  is a construction firm that offers a careful and precise management team. The company has about 30 direct resources including: specialized workers and technicians.
    The staff is trained according to the highest expected standards, and workers attend periodic professional training.