HOTWATER – Heat pump water heater, 150 and 200 Lt models

HOTWATER - Heat pump water heater, mod. 150 and 200 liters

Main features of HOTWATER – Heat pump water heater, 150 and 200 lt models

  1. Extremely easy installation & innovative design.
  2. Mixing cold water limited thanks to a di user on the bottom of the tank.
  3. INNOVATIVE & ULTRA EFFICIENT CONDENSER: D-section copper heating gas pipe,
    wrapped outside the tank down to the bottom, with double-propeller principle.
  4. Precise control of DHW temperature with double sensor and prompt start/stop
    (80% actual storage of hot water).
  5. Special compressor: it allows high pressure & operating temperature.
  6. Stainless steel water tank & oversize magnesium anode.
  7. Automatic defrost & anti-frost protection controlled by microcomputer.
  8. Multiple protection: current leakage, overtemperature, anti-dry, etc.
  9. Programming: timer, sleep, home leave, holiday.
  10. Operation mode: Normal, Economy, Rapid, E-Heater.
  11. Anti-legionella cycle.
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