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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

    Research and technological innovation, pursued for more than a century of history, turn into the excellent results achieved by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners and by systems for the production of domestic hot water.
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    The constant attention to quality and well-being in everyday life results in environmental comfort, very low noise level and high energy savings. A wide range of versatile and highly energy efficient products, offering the answer that best suits your idea of comfort. A perfect balance between energy, technology and environmental awareness is synthesized in the production of air conditioners and heat pumps designed to meet the needs of residential, commercial and service installations. Advanced solutions applied to high-quality products which guarantee comfort, energy efficiency and quality of life.


    Hokkaido brand is a recognized leader in Italy and Europe, in the field of air conditioners for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
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    Energy saving, comfort and respect for the environment have always been the aims of Hokkaido, engaged in the
    development of technological solutions which are looking to the future.

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  • VRF-T

    The new KXZ system with VRF-T technology: high performance, compact design, energy saving up to 34%, in order to realize Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB).

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    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries presents the new KXZ heat pump series with VRF-T technology: a unique system providing an excellent performance in cooling and heating. The highest level of design flexibility and a reduction in energy consumption as well as advanced operational functions, complete the profile of the new KXZ series, designed and realized also to be applied to ZEB buildings: in this way, reliability and efficiency are ensured over time. In fact, the distinctive feature of so-called ZERO ENERGY buildings, constructed according to ZEB logic, is to reduce power consumption but also to produce the necessary energy by renewable energy sources, targeting self-sufficiency. In order to realize ZEB buildings, it is essential that energy efficiency is set as a priority condition since the construction project, taking into account all the components contributing to the final result: heating, cooling, photovoltaic systems and domestic hot water, until reaching the energy management of the whole structure. To achieve this issue, a leading application solution consists of MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES heat pumps, used by Termal Group for design and construction of Zero Energy Buildings.
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  • Q-ton

    Q-ton is a heat pump system with CO2 natural refrigerant to be used for the production of domestic hot water in residential and commercial fields as well as in tourism and industry.

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    Q-ton is able to produce hot water to 90° C with outdoor temperature of -25° C. No one before had managed to do so much! To obtain this result, the new two-stage compressor produced and patented by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is used. Q-ton has a thermal power of 30 kW which is able to maintain constant, even with an outdoor temperature of -7° C and thus ensuring the amount of hot water for the whole period of the year. Q-ton can produce about 750 liters of hot water, post mixed at 45°C, for every hour of operation and can be installed in modular combination, up to 16 units, allowing to reach a production capacity of 480 kW (12,000 liters of hot water per hour). This installation flexibility allows to face the needs of both a small block of flats and a great spa by an easy and intuitive touch panel control system. Q-ton realizes energy saving higher than any other combustion system ensuring the same operating temperature of 90° C.. Moreover, since Q-ton can be installed outside the heating plant, it can be combined with the existing traditional combustion systems with no particular plant-engineering problems. It is an ideal system for building, as it fulfills the requirements of the new Decree n. 28 of 3 March 2011 imposing a production of 50% of hot water through renewable energy, for obtaining building permits on new constructions. Using Q-ton, operating costs are reduced compared to oil-fired and natural gas systems, from 30 to 50% as far as current rates and energy efficiency of traditional systems are concerned.