• Essential training


  • Termal Group always pays particular attention to the professional growth of its customers, offering training of learning, updating and technical improvement. The Academy Centre at Bologna headquarters, active since 2005, is spread over an area of 570 sq.m.

    The structure is equipped with dedicated classrooms for theoretical lessions, and classrooms for demonstration and practical lessons – where operating systems are installed, of the different families of products and related controls.

    Regarding the theoretical training addressed to large groups of users, there is also a Conference Room provided with multimedia equipments and a capacity of up to 60 participants. The proposed classes are planned to meet the training needs of different users concerning installation, assistance and maintenance of residential, commercial and VRF systems. All courses consist of a theoretical part and operation part. These classes always take into account all the main regulatory updates. You start from general educational classes, to acquire the fundamental principles of heat and electrical engineering applied to air-conditioning, to get to specialized courses for the technical design of VRF systems. The organization of the classes in basic and advanced modules ensures participants a progressive learning and updating over time; courses with specific and customized contents are also planned on request. The training offer and the contents of the classes are constantly updated according to the new ranges, the technological evolution of products and the regulatory changes in the sector. At the end of each course, the participants receive a Certificate of Attendance as well as the texts on the related technical subjects.